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FIRE FIGHTING facility is an unarguable necessity of the building as the fire is the most life threatening hazard generally a building would face. Governments and technical agencies have set mandatory guidelines for the safety of the building and for the occupants.

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We follow : NFPA- NFPA- UWL etc.

Program Highlights


  • Introduction to MEP-Introduction to Fire Fighting- Role of Fire Fighting Engineers- Fundamentals of Fluid mechanics- Basics of Hydraulics- Analyzing fire.
  • Building codes.
  • Fire extinguishers- Principle- Application- Selection- Placements- Precautions.
  • Fire hose reel system- Principle- Application- Components- Riser selection- Pumps selection.
  • OHT calculation- Sump sizing- Pump sizing- Guidelines.
  • Sprinkler types- Principle- Application- Sprinkler pipe sizing- Down comer- Wet & Dry Risers- Valves & pipe fitting.
  • Yard Hydrant- Principle- Application- Design.
  • Pumps: Jockey, Main & Diesel pump selection and pump room design.
  • Gas & Foam extinguishers- FM 200 design.
  • Fire & Smoke detector systems- Principle- Application- Placement.
  • Documentation: BOQ- Scheduling- Reports.
  • Draughting

  • Basics of Draughting.
  • Introduction to AutoCAD- Commands of AutoCAD and familiarization.
  • Reading Architectural- Structural & RC plans (Plan- - Elevation- section).
  • Sprinkler systems.
  • Riser diagrams.
  • Yard Hydrant systems.
  • Fire & Smoke detector systems.
  • Site Plan.
  • Single line drawing- Double line drawing.
  • Shop Drawing- Isometric Drawing.
  • Plan- Elevation- Sectional Drawings.